The Demon Of Table Mesa Book II

By John Waddell
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Jacob and his two friends play an old spirit board game they found in the attic. As the three become immersed in the game, they become a part of a story about Jacob’s ancestors who were involved in a massacre of a Native American village. The village existed in the 1800s during the Indian wars. Jacob’s home sits across the street from where the village once stood. 

They meet two spirits while playing the game. Shappa, Jacob’s spirit guide and Dzaovits the demon. The demon plans to kill Jacob as revenge for crimes Jacob’s ancestors committed against his people. Jacob must travel through the “Portal to When” to 1852, to undue the injustices of the past.

After arriving in the past, Jacob is adopted by the leader of the village Chief White Lightning. The Chief guides him through his “Rites to Pathway” into adulthood. When White Lightning first meets Jacob, he sees that he has leadership abilities. He teaches him leadership and survival skills that he will need during his encounters with the demon. Jacob encounters true evil in his interactions with Dzaovits. In turn he learns about the good and evil within himself.

About the Author

John Waddell is a travel writer who enjoys writing fictional travel stories while on his journey through life. He is an avid outdoors person who loves hiking, camping, bicycling, motorcycles, and fast cars.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 308