The Délaissées Rescue Père Noël: The Adventures Of Midnight, Moonlight And Twilight

By GP Shannon, LtCol USAF
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My book focuses on a Christmas/holiday theme involving French heritage and the American Santa Clause predecessor Père Noël and his acolyte Petit Âne – a little donkey who accompanies him. It also alludes to Michigan's connection with the early arrival of French explorers and their introduction of Christianity to make friends with the native American tribes already established here for centuries. Michigan has many towns and places named for these early explorers and the pathways in, on and around the Great Lakes where they traveled and left their historical imprints. These places offer an opportunity for many people from the United States and the world to come, visit and enjoy; for it is a breath-taking region of enchantment and great natural beauty.

The story is also a piece of holiday fiction dedicated to Christmas that I was able to fashion from my study of the French language, its history and culture, then mold into a delightful tale based on my experiences developing a sheep farm in Northern Michigan not far from the shores of Lakes Michigan and Huron, adjacent the quaint city of Mackinaw and across the straits from one of the oldest towns in the US, St Ignace - not forgetting Mackinac Island and its step back in time with the Grand Hotel and horse drawn wagons and bicycles.

I've tried to keep the story simple but logical enough for adults and children together to enjoy. The main animal characters are three sheep I rescued a few years ago as abandoned lambs, hence the term délaissées. I spent much time with them, feeding and protecting them from the harsh temperatures and snowy conditions which exist in Northern Michigan from December through March. They are still in my flock and have since delivered baby lambs of their own. Midnight, Moonlight and Twilight will entertain you throughout your reading pleasures.

About the Author

GP Shannon, LtCol USAF serves on the Board of Review in Carp Lake Township in Northern Michigan. He owns a farm and concentrates on raising Icelandic and Katahdin sheep. He is also an artist, specializing in oil and acrylic paintings - both portraits and landscapes. While assisting an elderly parent who had moved to live in Sarasota, Florida, he was invited to manage the Sarasota Alliance Française Website. He did this from 2010 to approximately 2012 when he left to purchase a farm in Northern Michigan not far from his cottage in Petoskey. He has three children, the youngest of which lives in Austin, Texas, is employed there as a high school art teacher and has blessed him with fraternal twin grandchildren. He is a retired USAF Lt Colonel with pilot licenses who was also a guidance counselor and athletic director for the Alanson Community school district from which he is also retired. In addition, while there, he also taught French and middle school math. Lt Colonel Shannon is also a published author, having produced the first story - The Adventures of Midnight, Moonlight and Twilight, Les Délaissées. He believes that one is never too old to try something new or take on a challeging project.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 72