The Death's Name

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The Deaths Name
Bruno Colombo

The Deaths Name, novel by Bruno Colombo, considers the existence of pure evil in the world, personified in Helen Moore, a wealthy, selfish, and maniacal woman. For her entire life she has sought to explore and satisfy her desires. She and her loyal followers exploit innocent victims in the name of their perverse sexual urges and homicidal fascinations. Her plot to turn all of society into Satan worshipers results in frightening widespread violence and chaos. People of faith must struggle to overcome her devious plans something they can only do with the help of God.

About the Author

Bruno Colombo lives in Milan, Italy, with his wife, Maria. Now retired from a career in the computer industry, he enjoys spending time reading, writing, and swimming. The Deaths Name was inspired by his confidence in the power of good in society and his faith in God as the salvation of the world.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 212