The Day Stewart's Hat Fell Off

By Pamela Elges Roesler
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Stewart the spider is afraid to jump to spin fancy webs like all of the other spiders. His mom gives him a special hat to help him have the faith in himself he needs to spin his webs. When a human waves a broom at the spiders’ webs to destroy them, Stewart must face his fear of jumping–or else!

About the Author

Pamela Elges Roesler is very interested in her community and helping those in need through her church. She teaches at the community college, despite being 76 years old and three years clean of cancer. Roesler loves teaching because she knows she can have a positive impact on teens who struggle with their viewpoints of who they are.

Roesler obtained her master’s degree in literacy. She taught middle school and became curious as to why this age level had a very hard time reading and comprehending. From there, she completed a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. For many years, she taught teachers how to be more understanding regarding the fears of their students. Roesler taught many semesters in special education and had both teachers and parents in her classes.

Roesler’s hobbies include painting, rocks, sea shells, and hiking. She has three sons, two daughters, and five grandchildren. Roesler’s husband has five daughters and four grandchildren. As a result, the couple has ten children altogether!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 60