The Day Nicholas Was Snatched

By J.V. Thomas
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J. V. Thomas compiled The Day Nicholas Was Snatched for the general interest of the public to provide insight into government and the Secret Court of children and families, exposing the corruption that takes on a major role in ordinary family cases. The poorer classes in society are taken advantage of by social services with the illegal backing of police. Families are bullied and forced into abdicating their duties and legal rights to their children due to the illegal behavior in court law.

Conspirators work closely to steal children, using racism, corruption, and other injustices. This institutional racism surmounts in the secret court. Cases that are supported by legal aid, end up penalized. The Day Nicholas Was Snatched holds social services accountable for stealing children from the poorer social classes through corruption and institutional racism. J. V. Thomas reveals the bullying practiced in the secret court.

About the Author

J. V. Thomas believes in fairness and equality and hope to see change in social issues. She is a poet and a writer. All of her works are geared toward the betterment of mankind. J.V. Thomas is a Reiki healer and clairvoyant.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 176