The Day My Life Changed: An Accident Survivor

By Linda Cros
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The moving true story of Linda Crosby, an accident survivor who was left permanently and totally disabled, and Roy Crosby, her devoted husband and caregiver, The Day My Life Changed: (An Accident Survivor) offers a glimpse into the lives of an everyday couple whose love endured and thrived, even in the most impossible odds.
Crosby’s memoir offers more than just an in-depth look into the life and the daily struggles encountered by someone with disabilities; speaking the truth on every page, she details the transition period from being who she was to becoming who she is, and the heartbreak that can come with acceptance of such momentous adjustments.
But to those navigating life’s changing challenges, Crosby also offers a message of hope: that life goes on and is still beautiful, and God is on your side.

About the Author

Linda Crosby is God fearing; a wife, stepmother, sister, an aunt, a friend, and a U.S. Army Veteran; and lover of religious programs, classic black-and-white movies, and biographies of classic movie stars from the Old Hollywood era. A proud country girl, she lives in the South with her husband, Roy, and their furbaby Bella. She is president of the pastor’s aide ministry at her church.

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If you have ever suffered physical trauma, this book will help you through the day-to-day pains by giving you specific strategies and tips. If you typically or occasionally have complaints of minor day-to-day aches and pains, you will see just how trivial your pains really are! Linda is very transparent and tells the raw truth about living with total disabilities and how her faith pushes her through it all. This is a story of true love and destiny between a man and his wife. I recommend this book to anyone who has faced any adversities in life or to anyone who needs a reminder to just "be thankful".

-Sherryl J. Hanna, M.Ed., RD, LD

I really enjoyed reading this book. I'm very inspired by Linda's love for God, her faith and his holy words. It a blessing to have a wonderful husband he never left her side through it all. Linda's story has given me more courage in my life to live, love, and laugh more in this. I'm so thankful for how this book have touched my life. Hats off to Linda and Her husband!

The Day My Life Changed By Mrs. Linda Crosby My Name Is Mae James I Read the book it really touched my heart, and made me cry just thinking about the Accident and how she doing Only God Had his HANDS on her. She and her husband calls each other SWEET BABY And The Love  They have for each other. The Book Should Be A Blessing Who Reads it Knowing What She Went Through and Wrote A Book. GOD IS GOOD AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD JUST A BLESSING AND A PLEASURE READING A WONDERFUL BLESSED GIFTED BOOK MUCCCCCH LOVE TO A VERY GOOD BOOK AND THE WRITER 

The Day My Life Changed has been a great read. I can appreciate the transparency and honesty that has been sheared with us her readers. Linda’s book is motivating and encouraging to me. It’s most definitely a reread.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 102