The Darkest Days Of My Life In The U.S. And Iran

By Mahnaz B. Consolver
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The Darkest Days of My Life in the U.S. and Iran

Mahnaz Consolver grew up in a loving, traditional home in Iran. Her parents gave her instruction in life and relationships and encouraged her to always do things the right way. When she marries Amin, Mahnaz has dreams of a loving husband and a wonderful new life in America.

Her dreams are immediately shattered when Amin strikes her for the first time. Even when she is pregnant with their first child, he routinely beats her and abuses her emotionally. She finds out he is addicted to opium and would gladly spend all his money on drugs before he would spend anything on her. Mahnaz is overcome by the shame of the situation; she cannot even bring herself to tell her own family of the abuse but asks her father not to send any more money to support them. Amin flies into a rage, blaming Mahnaz for everything and beating her harder than ever.

When Amin realizes the rights American women have, he brings Mahnaz and their young family back to Iran, in essence, making her a prisoner in her own home. She is defiant, refusing to give him the satisfaction of being afraid. She begs God for protection and deliverance, knowing she must reach deep within herself for the courage to save herselfand her children. She knows there is one place where she can start over, where she will be safe in the land of hope and justice: America. But Amin has her passport locked in the safe. Even if she could get an international visa, how would she get out of the country?

About the Author

Mahnaz B. Consolver was born in Iran and currently resides in Kansas. Mahnaz is the proud mother to three sons, Bob, Kamran, and Sean. She enjoys spending time with them and her husband, as well as cooking and playing sports. It is her hope that through her story and experiences, other women will use their opportunities and become more involved in their childrens lives and raise them more responsibly.

Published: 2009
Page Count: 112