The Dark Divine

By Thea Taylor
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To the outside world Grace and Devin seem like the average siblings, save for the recent tragedy that took their parents. But running the bakery that was left to them is only a cover. In truth, their parents were demon hunters and the two have followed in their footsteps. As they do their best to grapple with grief, the challenges of being young adults finding their way in life, and vanquishing demons back to Hell, they must learn what it means to grow, change, and find their places in an ever-changing and chaotic world full of demons, fae, and angels.

About the Author

Thea Taylor began writing at a very young age and had always been drawn to the dark or ‘unsettling’. But when she could never find a story that combined all of interests, she decided to create her own.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 266