The Curse Of The Code: How Woodrow Wilson Kept The Poor In Their Place

By Marlin J. Dorhout
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The Curse of the Code is a witty but enlightening short fiction of the discriminating practices subtly employed against poor people by the IRS and the code it promulgates.

What Real People Think

Tony Carola

A quick read in “people speak” language to help understand a complex subject; the tax code and its discrimination on low income US citizens. That discrimination ensures nearly half our citizens will never accumulate wealth.


I read Mr. Dorhout’s book. I was amazed and it made me angry. Why does my sister, a single parent, have to pay her land-lord’s income tax? How come the government doesn’t help her buy a home for HER family? They make everything easy for the rich but my sister will never have anything. I never thought my government would treat people so dishonestly.

Thanh Nguyen, 1975 Vietnamese Refugee, DPS Prog. Mgr.

After reading the book, I realized tax systems are designed to keep the wealthy with yachts above water, while someone like me is trying my hardest to keep my head from drowning.

Joe Russoniello, US Attorney, N.D. CA (1982-’90, 2008-‘2010)

The “Curse” gives the reader a look behind the IRS’s curtain of secrecy. I encourage those interested in what’s really going on with our tax enforcement policies to take advantage of Marlin’s rigorous analysis.

Dare I say, “guilty as charged.”

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 54