The Cup

By Richard A. Goforth, Sr.
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Jerry and Wendy could never in their wildest dreams imagine where some old junk of her grandfathers would take them or learn that what mattered most to them was being with each other on planet Earth or in some far galaxy. But with Jerrys interest in math and science and his newfound interest in his best friend since childhood, he and Wendy are soon able to embark on a journey that will take them not only to other planets but other galaxies. A near collision near Mars lands them in the middle of intergalactic espionage, revolution, and a potential galactic war if they do not soon discover some way to unravel the mystery behind space pirates. With their new friends Exlonder, Leonex, and Mellinor, they soon discover the motivation behind the pirates and set into motion the start of peace and true representation of the planet Nitromal within the Ruling Council.

About the Author

A safety specialist in the Department of the Army in Ft. Lewis, Washington, Richard A. Goforth, Sr., received his B.S. in liberal studies, his B.G.S. in general studies, and his M.S. in occupational safety and health. His interests include golf, and gold prospecting, and he is the owner of 250 pieces of Hummel figurines. Mr. Goforth started flying helicopters for the U.S. Army in 1977. He has always dreamed of traveling through space, and this book is his imaginative fantasy of living it out.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 148