The Crystal Ship (By Robert G. Rutledge)

By Robert G. Rutledge
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The Crystal Ship

Drug addiction devastates people’s lives and damages families in every community across the Unites States. The Crystal Ship takes place in Dallas, Texas but could be in any large city in the country. It deals with a subculture within the gay population of crystal meth use and addiction. This addiction tears apart lives in every sector of life, gay or straight, but the effect reaches each and every one of us. What makes this story unique is that this author writes of how meth destroys relationships and unsuspecting families that refuse to consider the underlying causes that lead to addiction. The story ends with the stress of sobriety and the struggle to rebuild. Robert hopes that readers will gain a more sympathetic understanding of the daily battle that addicts engage. “I hope that people who don’t face this problem becomes less judgmental of the people who do. The structure of religion has created a self-righteous fearful society with an intolerance toward difference.”

About the Author

Robert was born and raised in a small farming community in Illinois. He worked in Chicago and Washington DC for short periods of time. Dallas became his home for nine years before he returned to the slower pace of east Texas. “I will always be a small-town country boy.” For the past four years, he has worked and lived in St. Louis.

Bryan’s Mill was Robert’s home in east Texas. He explored his interest in genealogy and attended the Cass County Writers group in Linden where he learned to express his voice and try different techniques of creative styles. The seasoned writers each month offered their input while he finished creating The Crystal Ship. Being a Bryan’s Mill volunteer fireman also occupied his time. His creativity extends to woodworking and refinishing furniture as well. Creating is his passion.

Being the “black sheep of the family” Robert G. Rutledge has relied on his creativity most of his life and is completely happy with who he is in life. A second novel has already been written, The Crystal Lifeboat. Robert’s partner, Brian, will co-author a third book called The Crystal Lighthouse.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 242