The Crates Of Life

By   Stephen West and John Costa
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The Crates of Life shares a series of stories throughout the life of author Stephen West to drive home the central message of God’s love for each and every one of us. Everyone has experiences that draw us closer to God, and these events can be fun and exciting or difficult and arduous, but all aid us in becoming more like Him. West’s fascinating life is interspersed with a series of dreams which led him on the path of self-discovery and achievement no matter what challenges he found himself facing. Readers are sure to be inspired to change their focus and perspective on the trials in life and find trust in the Lord, because only He knows exactly what we need to become a little more patient, humble, and kind. 

About the Author

Stephen West is a single dad to four amazing children. They are his entire world and have provided his life with meaning and purpose. Since a young age, he has played the violin and just began to teach lessons. In the winter months, he enjoys snowboarding, and in the summer, he enjoys wakeboarding. 

Published: 2021
Page Count: 132