The Cranes Are Flying: Poems Of War And Remembrance, Love, Family And Others. Season And Place

By Joan P. Hudson
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About the Book

East Asian art depicts the wild crane as a symbol of immortality. Ever since ancient times, birds have symbolized the spirit. In this collection of poetry, Joan Hudson touches on several elements of the human spirit, including family, friends, and love. She also takes you on a poignant journey of war and remembrance and offers a thought-provoking look at the delicate balance of the seasons and our environment. You will feel yourself wrapped in the warmth of the cranes wing as it flies your imagination to a place of immortality, a place where the cranes are flying.

About the Author

Joan P. Hudson is a native of North Carolina who currently resides in Michigan. She holds several degrees in history and sociology and is a member of the Springfed Arts-Metro Detroit Writers. Ms. Hudsons interests include reading, Mozarts music, languages, and ideas. She is the author of another book, Days of Infamy.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 82