The Cowlicking Cow

By Cheryl Attaway
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While raising her children, Cheryl Attaway, started a licensed day care center in her home. She discovered, as most parents do, that small children make up their own definitions of words. Children also have distinctly different attitudes towards foods, social mingling, napping, toilet training, and clothing desires. Because of these varied differences, Mrs. Attaway started to make up stories to tell the children during naptime that related to their individual personalities.

After raising her own children, Mrs. Attaway worked for colleges and universities as an Admission’s Representative or Director, often lecturing to large groups of high school students. She explained degrees generally in technology such as Software Engineer versus Computer Programming. These were new and exciting new careers at the time. Once again, she found herself sharing stories of how different people perceive different things. Stories help students (and children) understand a concept and then it helps them to see a vision of a future or event outside their mainstream of knowledge. After retirement, the author put some of these stories to paper. These stories then became stories she read to her grandchildren.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32