The Coronaboogaloo

By Angela Svirbely, M.Ed
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With the coronavirus affecting aspects of everyone’s lives, it’s hard to know what to say to our children. In The Coronaboogaloo, Bella is so confused as to why school is closed and why everyone is wearing masks. “Boohoo, Coronaboogaloo, I'm not sick, what is going on?" she asks.

All she wants to do is return to the way things were and see her friends and teachers.

Bella's mom helps her understand what is going on and gives her a cute way to engage safely with her friends. Bella's story teaches children how to stay safe and create a fun social-distancing dance called the "Coronaboogaloo." Kids are encouraged to use these tips and do the #Coronaboogaloochallenge.

About the Author

Angela Svirbely, M.Ed’s passion for helping children and families cope with difficult situations has enabled her to have a unique approach to writing social stories that engage children and enrich their lives. She has been a licensed counselor working for children and families for over 30 years. She is currently the Clinical Director of a School-Based Emotional Behavioral Program who has been concerned about how the COVID-19 crisis will affect children’s perspective on life for years to come.

Angela Svirbely, M.Ed is a wife and mother to two adult children. She is a dog lover and has a poodle and two grand-puppies. She is a CBD educator and enthusiast and credits CBD for helping bring her physical and emotional health back into balance. She firmly believes in a positive approach to life, which includes grounding, meditation, positive self-talk and taking action steps to achieve your goals. Follow her on Facebook: and; Instagram:; and TikTok: @angelasvirbely.

Published: 2021
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