The Cookie Thief

By Christopher M. Sandoval
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Someone has been stealing Charlie the bear’s cookies. Each day he bakes five cookies, then settles down for a nap. But lately he’s woken up to find that he has only four cookies left!

Charlie hatches a plan to catch the thief and make sure his cookies are never stolen again. But Charlie slowly comes to realize there might be a better way to deal with the problem.

Join Charlie and his new friend in this delightful tale of forgiveness and sharing.

About the Author

A current resident of Arvada, Colorado, Christopher M. Sandoval has lived in the Denver area for most of his life. A teacher, he is a graduate of Adams State College. He is married with two adult sons. He enjoys riding bikes, reading, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

About the Illustrator

Daniel Gallegos is an educator, a veteran, and a native of Denver, Colorado.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 30