The Contemplation Of Harold

By Avo Trevino
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The only place for you and me

Come black, come white, come all to see

The comfort found in unity

Come Together: The belief in and application of the inalienable rights of all men is the codified stalwart benchmark against which all nations should measure their standards and progress. And although admittedly imperfect, it should be with pride and a sense of communal purpose that we stand shoulder to shoulder as a multi-cultural assembly, bearing daily witness to the Providential power of the unified diverse. May our collective efforts in this regard be Heavenly blessed.

1.) Is it by accident, or Divine fate that the United States of America is the world’s melting pot; the sought after hallowed ground, perennially drawing to it the myriad of masses?

2.) Do we have a unique obligation to actively exemplify the enviable qualities of mutual respect and appreciation for our varied ethnicities, conventions and customs?

3.) By what means do men evolve from a mere tolerance of different philosophies and practices to a deferential regard?

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32