The Conservative Approach

By Paul V. Pratt
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I mean conservative like Attila the Hun, philosophizes retired cop Eldon Fogarty in The Conservative Approach, [though] I dont subscribe to the rapine and plunder he and his horde practiced. His justice was savage, to be sure, but it was administered without prejudice. Paul V. Pratts unsparing novel of crime and punishment unreels like a film noir in which cynical, malevolent, and sleazy killers and their masters are efficiently and cheerfully taken out by Fogarty and his unexpected partner, a quiet man whose teenaged daughter was casually murdered and tossed to the sharks off the California coast.

About the Author

I was a working policeman in the old days, says the author. I know how it should be done. Now retired from the New York State Police, Paul V. Pratt lives in Oneida County, New York. I view this book as a shoot-em-up with religious and political overtones, he says. I want readers to be able to identify the good guys from the bad. These days, his special interests are many and varied: hunting, fishing, gun building and collecting, furniture building, antiques restoration, gardening, reading, and now, writing.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 128