The Congressional Handbook: Simple Lessons On Healing Our Broken Government

By D. M. Riach
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Our Constitution foresaw a country where people were free to grow and prosper within secure borders, under a legal system providing fair and equal justice for all. It allowed for a small federal government with strictly limited and clearly enumerated powers, all other powers and responsibilities being retained by the several states.

Reviewing today’s news stories, or any of your tax bills, quickly reveals how far our country has drifted from these principles. Our bloated, unresponsive federal government is out of control.

The Congressional Handbook provides simple lessons for regaining control of our broken government. Issues are presented in a straightforward fashion, simple enough to be understood by our elected officials and most bureaucrats, with common sense solutions offered for resolving each issue.

A quick and easy read, a must review for students, academics, journalists, the voting public, and anyone truly interested in saving our country.

About the Author

After two days of travel, including sixteen hours of overnight flights, D. M. Riach landed in Karachi Pakistan at two o’clock in the morning, the usual arrival time for international flights in that region of the world. Travelling alone with no one to meet him at the airport or accompany him during his trip, this was his rite-of-passage into the fascinating world of global trade. He loved it.

Born in 1947 and raised on a typical family dairy farm, Don began a forty-year career with General Motors Corporation in 1966, earning his Mechanical Engineering Degree from GMI in Flint, Michigan, his MBA from the University of Chicago, as well as his FAA Private Pilot Certificate along the way. After retiring he started his own consulting services business, extending his global business activities for another ten years.

Dealing in more than seventy-five countries around the globe, his work involved complex technical, commercial, and financial negotiations all of which required a keen sense of the personal biases, the hidden agendas, and the political power structures in these widely varying global markets.

Retirement opened the opportunity to apply these experiences to the world we live in today, to write about some of the current political and cultural blunders in our society, and to offer possible solutions to get us back on track.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 72