The Concealed Revealed: Searching For The Hidden Lymph Node

By S. David Nathanson, MD
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"This elegantly written and totally absorbing memoir describes renowned physician-scientist Dr. Nathanson`s passionate and exciting search for a hidden lymph node in breast cancer and melanoma patients. We share his scientific/medical discoveries which have eased the trauma and complications of many patients. We share and absorb his excitement of scientific discovery. Read it and you will be transported to the wondrous world of medical science and patient care at its best." - Michael Chopp PhD, Zolton J. Kovacs Chair in Neuroscience Research, Henry Ford Health System; Distinguished Professor, Physics, Oakland University, Rochester, MI

"This delightful memoir is a wonderful window into the exciting world of biomedical research. It relates the story of Dr Nathanson’s persistent fascination with lymph nodes and the lymphatic system which enabled him and others to identify the sentinel lymph node, allowing the eventual use of this new knowledge to optimize the care of breast cancer and melanoma patients world-wide." - Margot LaPointe PhD, Vice President for Research, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, Michigan, USA

"Doctor Nathanson’s memoir is a vivid, exciting and invaluable reflection on his unique insights into the scientific discovery of the sentinel lymph node, providing the reader with a clear understanding of the fascinating world of scientific discovery that has advanced the management of breast cancer and melanoma."  - Stanley P. L. Leong, MD, FACS, Chief of Cutaneous Oncology Center for Melanoma Research and Treatment California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute

"A succinct description of a lifelong devotion to understand how cancer spreads to lymph nodes. More important to the general reader might well be the excitement and fascination of the clinical and scientific discovery of hidden knowledge." - Rupen Shah, MD, FACS, FSSO, Surgical Oncologist, Henry Ford Cancer Institute, Detroit, Michigan

"Motivated by his patients and driven to find a better way, Dr. Nathanson shares his inspiring journey of discovery to spare cancer patients the awful fate of lymphedema, a life-altering complication of lymph node surgery for cancer. Using heartwarming stories from his own life as well as raw conversations with patients who he treated along the way, this memoir shows how basic science can improve the lives of millions." - Timothy Padera PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"A superbly written, uninhibited, wonderfully and delicately interwoven set of experiences that culminate in a gripping story of how a curious mind is transformed by a fascination with the human lymphatic system. The memoir is an example of how tenacious and repetitive enchantment with the process of discovery contributed to sentinel events that have forever changed how cancer care is delivered all over the world." - David Kwon MD, FACS, FSSO, Physician in Charge, Brigitte Harris Cancer Pavilion; Director, Surgical Oncology, Henry Ford Cancer Institute, Detroit, Michigan USA

"The Concealed Revealed is a memoir of S. David Nathanson’s contributions to the development of the sentinel node biopsy in cancer management, a procedure that has completely changed the way we treat breast cancer, melanoma, and other forms of cancer. Nathanson’s excitement and determination is evident throughout his time investigating better methods for cancer patients in providing them with a better quality of life than previous treatments, which left patients with life-altering swelling and loss of limb functionality. From his early years in South Africa to his move to the United States, we follow Nathanson on his tireless journey in understanding the complexities of cancer treatment. His curiosity and innovative spirit are inspiring and will encourage readers to follow their own passions." 

About the Author

S. David Nathanson, MD, is a trained surgical oncologist with a strong interest in research, caring for patients, and teaching medical students. He is a professor of surgery at Wayne State University. Nathanson is a father to two sons and two daughters and a grandfather to four grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys being involved in many community activities, mostly relating to sponsoring concerts and educational activities for young learners. His hobbies include writing, reading philosophy, theology, and English literature, and photography. His landscape photographs can be found on the walls of his clinic and his home.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 186