The Complete Human: How To Be Healthy, Happy, And Whole

By Kyle S. Blum
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The Complete Human

What is it to be human, what is it that makes us human, and would answering these questions in any way better prepare us, or in some way enable us, to live lives that are “Healthy, Happy, and Whole”? Is a life marked by these qualities even possible, is “Completeness” conceivable, when experience proves we are unhealthy, unhappy, and broken?

In a world where we are progressively inundated with terrible news, increasingly experiencing tragedy (either by the hand of cosmic forces or terroristic in nature), we find ourselves divided, disenchanted, disenfranchised, dissatisfied, despondent, and deprived of any sense of security, unity, direction, or purpose—is there any real hope, any redemptive reality, any salvific program for posterity that might rectify our present precarious position? Or has our course been preordained, driving us decidedly further into despair, discord, and depravity? Have our faces been set as flint toward destruction, by some twisted sadistic cosmic puppeteer, unable to turn to the left or to the right, watching, aware but unable to alter our course, as if bobbing helplessly in the wooden barrels of our lives, ever so swiftly towards the roaring falls of fate—or do we have some manner of control, some efficacious outworking of the very best of what we are, that can help us navigate, safely and successfully, the uncertain, unrelenting, and unforgiving river of life? And if we are to allow that there are certainly circumstances that are outside of our control, are we able, by will, tenacity, determined choice, or some other impetus toward strength—to stand, maneuver, achieve, and experience life on our own terms, existing and thriving in spite of the flow and tide of circumstance? Is there a course to “Completeness”? Is there a way to be “Healthy, Happy, and Whole”? Absolutely! This book shows the way.

About the Author

Kyle S. Blum is a Philosopher, Educator, Theologian, and Communicator, and the Pastor of RENEGADES ("a Revolutionary Church") in San Antonio, Texas. He has a profound love for animals and Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and he and his wife Alison work daily to make the world around them a better and brighter place.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 268