The Common Man

By Mark Vancil
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About the Book

The paths we choose to take in life have a large effect and impact on who and what we become.

The Common Man is author Mark Vancil’s story of the paths he has taken or encountered through his life. Through it all, if he has learned anything, he has learned first and foremost that God is always with us, even when it seems like he is not. We should all remember not to judge others, because we are not fit to do so. God is always with us; we don’t have to face our challenges alone.

About the Author

Mark Vancil is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, a former commercial/deep sea diver, and has been an electrician for forty years at this point in his career. Along the way he has worked as a data center engineer for twelve years and worked as a maintenance technician/building engineer for several real estate management companies.

Mark and his wife of forty-four years, Sharon, live in Pflugerville, Texas, just north of and next door to Austin. Together they have a daughter, Faith; son-in-law, Rick; and three grandchildren, Brandon, Gracie, and Avyn. They also have a son, Eric, and daughter-in-law, Mandy.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 48