The Classics Modernized

By William Roufberg
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The Classics Modernized is a 63-plus story collection featuring many classical favorites, ranging from “The Epic of Gilgamesh” to Jack London’s Call of the Wild, condensed and reimagined, and easy to understand.

Designed to bring the average reader closer to the wisdom contained in some of the world’s finest texts, Roufberg’s modernized classics reveals a thoughtful approach to life’s universal questions.

About the Author

Having lived the life of a scholar, William Roufberg served first as a history teacher for 30 years at Princeton High School then lectured at Rutgers University for 23 prior to his retirement. A world traveler and U.S. Navy veteran as well, he served as a signalman from 1943-1946, his first few years of service overlapping the final years of World War II. In his spare time, he enjoys building model ships.


Published: 2021
Page Count: 282