The Church Is Asking: Why Aren't We Experiencing And Witnessing Miracles Today?

By Pastor Buck Rogers
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Many would say that miracles ceased to be with the passing of the Christs last original apostles. Is it so?

In The Church Is Asking: Why Arent We Experiencing and Witnessing Miracles Today? Pastor Buck Rogers says this is hardly the case. As he would describe in the book, not only has he seen so many miracles in his own life to nullify the statement, but he has seen it firsthand given to people he knows intimately in his long years of being a servant of God.

So what is keeping the people from seeing these miracles? Pastor Rogers would not hesitate to ascribe these to the sickly state of the Church and the professed Christians all over the world. By Church, he means all the Christian denominations as exist today.

Probing and insightful, he analyzes what has been ailing the believers in this current generation, calling to task all the leadership that should have kept it from happening otherwise.

About the Author

Pastor Buck Rogers entered ministry in 1997 as a traveling evangelist and teacher. He then established his own church, Keep Your Eyes on Jesus Ministries, in Nashville, Tennessee. His wife is also a minister in their church and with whom he raised their two children.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 80