The Chronicles Of Klaye: Book 1: Blood Dawn

By Adam Van Dyke
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The first installment of the Chronicles of Klaye saga, Blood Dawn, marks the beginning of the terrors that befall the world. Powerful beings known as Magi are created once every thousand years to the elven and human races to keep the balance of power in the world. When the threat of world domination by an undead wizard becomes a reality, the ambitions of rulers, wizards, and even the Magi unfold. When faced with almost certain death and destruction, even the best of people begin the downward spiral that can only lead to evil and dismay.

Following a variety of characters, from a simple thief to the most powerful wizards, most every angle of the events taking place at the time are revealed. A young princess witnesses the murder of her family and fights to become the Magi the world needs her to be. Evil wizards and dragons join forces with the undead wizard for their own gain, forcing unlikely allies to band together in hopes of defeating the evil threatening to destroy Klaye. Despite war, death, and seemingly hopelessness, love and compassion abound among various people. Their desire to do good and to be the light in the world that will guide the kingdoms of humans and elves to victory is felt everywhere. Their belief that goodness will prevail over evil gives them strength when it appears there is no hope.

About the Author

Adam Van Dyke is currently 38, engaged to a wonderful woman, and has one son and one daughter. He is a Christian who has suffered a lot of hardships in life that have given him the inspiration to write these books. Since age 12 he has played Dungeons and Dragons, giving him the creative outlet to express ideas and stories in a fantasy setting. Progressing through life, he has enjoyed hobbies from various games and musical instruments to writing and drawing. Adam is currently working on completing a degree in creative writing.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32