The Christmas Rescue: Paw Prints And The Magic Of Love

By Marie Motwani
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The Christmas Rescue: Paw Prints and the Magic of Love

The Christmas Rescue is about the rescue of a little family of cats, who endured months on the street and the love they brought two women who did everything to care, feed, and shelter them. Helpers then had to let go of them to have better lives. Pets bring so much to children and adults. They become family. The message is kindness, compassion, the warm feelings of Christmas, and miracles, especially now during these times.

About the Author

Marie Motwani is an only child, who lost most of her family by her early twenties. Pets, from turtles, hamsters, rabbits, dogs, and cats have been her saving grace. Her first Baby, (adopted Julie and Dustees) Chubby, Socks, especially her extraordinary last Lil Bob all have given her life purpose and for that she is grateful. Marie is a down-to-earth person. She draws inspirational name art, likes walking, and still gets excited when she sees nature, tall buildings, or artsy villages. She loves the Fall season, pumpkin pie, Christmas lights, movies, and Broadway plays, all of which she misses during this pandemic. Safety First! Marie believes that kindness to all, love, and compassion are a formula we should be taught from day one. She believes in “giving freely,” whether it’s your time, listening, or shopping for someone; acts of kindness don’t always mean money. Show love to all creatures.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 44