The Christmas Ghost Boy

By Susan Jane Logan
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When Randall and Erica Anderson’s family moves shortly before Christmastime, they experience a series of spooky incidents with a ghost boy in the very old house that is their new home.

At first, they fear the little ghost boy with tears in his eyes, but when their feelings begin to evolve, Randall decides to do something special for him. In the end, can the sad little ghost boy become happy?

About the Author

Susan Jane Logan graduated with a degree in English literature from Willamette University. She and her husband, Kimbal, raised their four children first in Oregon and then in Vancouver Washington, where they still live today. She taught school for several years and then joined the family real estate business, but throughout her life has continued her passion for literature. She credits her twelve grandchildren with being the inspiration for bringing her back to her first love of writing and telling stories.


"'The Christmas Ghost Boy' I give this book 5 stars"
"I bought this book for my grandchildren and they loved it. I thought it was delightful. In the story a boy and his sister move with their family to an old house. They discover that there is a ghost boy in the house who is unhappy. At first, the children were afraid of the ghost, but the boy thinks the ghost is sad and tries to help him. I think it is such a timely book because we all should look to help others specially at this time of year. I would definitely recommend buying this book."

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32