The Christian Dynamics: The Mysteries Required For Divine Fulfillment In The Christian Ministry

By Dr. Jallah Yelorbah Koiyan
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The Christian Dynamics discusses the four fundamentals of biblical stewardship the church needs to execute her kingdom’s mandates on the Earth in order to fulfill her divine roles. The Christian Dynamics unveils, delineates, and instructs the church how she lives through obedience, uses her gifts through exercise of her gifts, responds to giving through generosity, and maximizes her times through scheduling in order to do effective ministry. The Christian Dynamics is informative and full of practical ministry experiences the author had experienced during the past thirty years doing ministry; for this reason, The Christian Dynamics has been written for the church’s audience.

About the Author

Dr. Jallah Yelorbah Koiyan lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, the United States of America. He is the pastor by vocation and the teacher by profession. He is the founder of Praise Ministries International, Inc. and the facilitator for Praise Ministries Prayer Forum, an online educational platform for deliberate theological discourse. He holds certifications of interdisciplinary studies in the fields of Applied Science Degree in Education, General Education, and the Specialization for the Foundation in Medical Assisting. Additionally, he holds the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies with concentration in Pastoral Ministry, Master of Divinity with concentrations in Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy, and the Doctor of Ministry with concentrations in Leadership and Preaching. For additional resources for the online platform and for ministry, please visit and

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 238