The Chaplain: A Lesson Once Learned Goes Onward Forever

By Norbert Huber
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Through the spiritual, social, and sometimes tragic life of one man, parallels are drawn between nineteenth century religion and the spiritual beliefs of today. Separated by a century of changes in the way religion is practiced, Karl’s understanding of the supernatural is interpreted by the sights and senses of his time.

About the Author

Norbert Huber has been disabled and wheel chair bound since 2014 after an active life of travel and work supervision.

Huber resides in rural eastern Pennsylvania with wife of forty-two years along with the family dog. He has two married adult children and two grandchildren and counting. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history and spent two additional years attending graduate school earning a history department assistantship.

Huber worked for two years as an auto mechanic followed by three years as a tree service foreman. Additionally, he spent thirty-five years in food service as a Director of Training, Director of Operations and a Director of Human Resources. Prior to retirement, he spent an additional two years as a church sextant.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 488