The Carbon Crisis

By John Lincoln
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Presented here is the science of Carbon Dioxide how it is formed, turned into limestone in the Ocean and settles on the ocean floor thousands of feet thick. The percentage in the atmosphere is way too small 380 ppm compared to oxygen the inverse gas which is 200,000 ppm and will never have any appreciative effect on Global Warming. Also presented is the science of the Greenland Ice Cores which have been preserved for 400,000 years and have trapped carbon dioxide and other isotopes which clearly establishes the temperature history. What is found is Earth is a fast spinning ball of ice for over a hundred thousand years followed by a warming period lasting around 20,000 years. The cause is cycles in the position of the earth to the sun not carbon dioxide, Also politicians are exposed trying to addict us on electric cars, for which they get kick backs, which are very expensive, the electricity is much more expensive and will not be affordable except for a small number of cars without 10 trillion dollar upgrades of the power plant infrastructure. Electricity also mostly comes from the dirtiest hydrocarbon coal. Politicians get rich we get poor and the environment more dirty. 

About the Author

John Lincoln, an Ocean Engineering graduate in 1974, worked in the subsea oil and gas industries in 40 countries for over 35 years and became a keen Earth, Ocean and Environmental Scientist and helped Safe Guard the environment through his innovations and inventions.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 88