The Camera Store And Other Stories As Times Pass

By Richard Selinka
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In The Camera Store and Other Stories As Times Pass, author Richard Selinka presents a rich collection of stories, some autobiographical, some based on others lives, and many purely imagined. The first story, Why I Never Made It in Showbiz, recounts a young boys brush with fame in 1930s radio; the next is a fond remembrance of an inner-city youth baseball team and its inspirational leader. Selinka delves into the supernatural in Ghost Story when a dying historian is visited by the ghosts of the subjects of his books, while humorously exploring mythology when a drunkard converses with a mysterious old man at a country club in A Golf Story. The Condo and the Seabird is a gentle and moving reflection on aging, as a retirement community resident finds himself caring for an injured gull. The long title story tells the tragic yet ultimately triumphant tale of two refugees flight from Hitlers Austria, and the courage of those they left behind. The Camera Store is an often moving collection that entertains and transports the reader.

About the Author

A native of New York, Richard Selinka lives in New Rochelle with his wife, Mollye, with whom he has three children. A business owner who received his MBA from New York University, Selinka is active in his community and enjoys physics, history, reading, and sports.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 284