The Cabin Coffee Clutch

By JR Lang
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A moving collection of poetry and photographs, The Cabin Coffee Clutch will soothe and inspire you.

JR Lang’s poems will encourage you to dream big and push yourself. Embrace change and you will find its beauty. While grief and struggles must be faced, you can choose a path of peace and come to life and hope. Each of Lang’s poems is paired with photographs that capture the beauty of nature – the warm colors of fall, the fleeting glimpse of a deer in a wood, the richness of flowers in a field. Calm reflection on the beauty of the world will help you emerge refreshed and encouraged.

The Cabin Coffee Clutch is designed to help you find your inner self. Use Lang’s words to dig deep into your heart to see and love yourself with fresh eyes. Welcome to a new beginning.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 64