The Brotherhood In Islam, Message To The Jews, Christians And Muslims

By Ahmed Shendy Yousef
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Are you satisfied with your relationship with God? Ahmed Shendy Yousef believes that this relationship is the cornerstone for improving our individual lives and solving the crises of our societies, such as poverty, crime, and corruption. In his book, The Brotherhood in Islam, Message to the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, he calls people of all faiths to unite under their common beliefs to work toward change in our world. Regardless of individual beliefs, all three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, were given to help us carry out Gods mission and to teach us how to live in peace and harmony. Through The Brotherhood in Islam, Message to the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, Yousef provides initiative steps for immediate changes that can improve our societies. He believes that we can save our world if we seek Gods guidance truthfully and sincerely.

About the Author

Ahmed Shendy Yousef was born in Cairo, Egypt, and he graduated from Physical Therapy School at the School of Medicine of Cairo University in 1977. In 1982, Yousef came to the United States, and he now lives in Macon, Georgia with his wife Mabrouka. Together they have three children: Yassmin, Enas, and Yaser. Yousef has been a member of the American Physical Therapy Association since 1986, and he established the Islamic Center of Middle Georgia in 1989, where he served as the elected president and the religious advisor for sixteen years. Yousef has been very active in promoting the understanding of Islam in America, writing articles for local newspapers and giving talks for local television, universities, and churches. In his spare time, Yousef enjoys travelling and reading about the profession of medicine and religion.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 90