The Broken Glass Mystery: A Duke Moran Novel

By Don Monroe
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The Broken Glass Mystery:A Duke Moran Novel

Duke Moran is a retired detective with a lot of free time on his hands, time he spends refurbishing a big old house he purchased in the small, north Wisconsin community of Black Crow. It’s slow work, but as mentioned he doesn’t have anything better to do… that is until he hears glass breaking downstairs and goes to investigate.

What follows is a series of break-ins and murders in Black Crow, and Duke can’t say no when the chief of police comes asking for some assistance from the former lawman. Unraveling this mystery and the motives behind these heinous crimes will take all of Duke’s professional experience, his puzzle-solving intellect, some bullets, backup, and several trips to the hospital in The Broken Glass Mystery.

About the Author

This is Don Monroe’s first attempt at writing. He lives in southern Wisconsin with his wife, Gayle. He began writing in the winter months to keep busy. He had an idea and went with it. Monroe spends his summer months golfing and wintertime in his woodworking shop. He has eleven grandchildren to keep him and his wife busy. He’s always loved the north woods, so that’s where his story takes place. He believes his next book will be even better than this one.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 186