The Bride And The Beetle

By John C. Hennessy, Jr.
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About the Book

In the desolation of post-war Germany, at a time when even lifes basic essentials of food and clothing are hard to come by, can two hearts find an abiding love? John, an American G.I., and Hilde, a beautiful German interpreter, meet and fall in love, but face daunting challengesnot only the specter of the anti-fraternization policy that threatens to keep them apart, but also the separation of miles and months of waiting hopefully for reunion as they negotiate difficult bureaucratic and legal hurdles.

Brought together by a chance introduction, John and Hilde are given a second chance at love by the luck of the draw when John wins the opportunity to buy a 1946 Volkswagen Beetle. When the United States military establishment intervenes to prevent the alliance of this determined American soldier with his German sweetheart, the Beetle makes the distance between them disappear. At Hildes request, John brings the Beetle home as a souvenir the first ever in the United Statesso that they will always remember the role it played in keeping their love alive.

The months that pass after John is discharged and ships out to return to the United States are filled with uncertainty and painful waiting before John and Hilde are finally reunited. Theirs is a journey in which the Beetle takes them down new roads as they begin their life together.

About the Author

John C. Hennessy, Jr., who retired in February 1988, was a licensed civil engineer and a project manager on major facilities in the United States and abroad. This book was created in memory of his wife, Hilde, now deceased, after sixty years together. Mr. Hennessy currently resides in Fountain Valley, California.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 168