The Breeders

By AJ Underkofler
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It is the year 2015. For centuries people have lived and died with the knowledge that some animals live only in myths and legends. There are a small number of people who know these animals lived not only in our history, but they live in our lifetime as well. Some of these people belong to groups that help keep them secret; some of them are trying to expose those secrets; and then there are the ones whose lives are dedicated to protecting these animals They are the breeders.

When new restrictions become imposed on the families who breed these mystical creatures, they must work to protect their livelihoods and their families. After officials begin enforcing these rules with physical power and intimidation, the families must decide how to move forward. When the adults fail to stand up against the powers, their children must be the ones to launch a revolution to save themselves, the animals, and the world they know.

About the Author

AJ Underkofler has lived all over the western United States and uses her travel history and love of the west to influence her writing. Additionally, she credits her children as being her inspiration for writing. Underkofler enjoys fantasy and science fiction books, movies, and music, and she hopes her readers will understand how closely these genres relate to their everyday realities.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 258