The Boy And The Wicked Witch Of The Woods

By Jomara Castillo
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Love is a powerful feeling that can help us forgive and start over. Family is a powerful bond that is built with love and can never be broken.

The Boy and the Wicked Witch of the Woods is about the consequences when children don’t obey and respect their parents. The message is to love, respect, and obey parents because everything they do or tell their children is to protect, love, and support them. This book is a combination of magic, family and love, where a wicked witch in a dark forest can transform into a beautiful magical fairy and make that once dark place bright, colorful, and happy. The magic and power of love and forgiveness can brighten not only a forest, but also our hearts.

About the Author

Jomara Castillo has been a pre-K teacher for ten years and this has taught her the value of family, love, and education. As an educator, she wants her students to see their potential, to believe in themselves, and reach their goals no matter what their background.

She has an associate’s degree in early childhood education from Cuny Hostos Community College and a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in early childhood education with a bilingual extension from Cuny’s Lehman College. She is passionate about reading, animals, music, culture, and art.

Published: 2022
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