The Book Of Reann Heights: A New Beginning

By Teresa Spencer
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About the Book

When a deadly virus has decimated most of the worlds population, ReAnn found herself embarking on a grim quest to locate what is left of her family, living and dead.

After rescuing two surviving grandchildren, Jordan and Karis, from the clutches of an insane woman, ReAnn then heads for the mountains of Montana. Despite the swath of destruction that litter their path, she ends up with a group that includes Shaun, a longtime friend, Gavin, a brother, and Bella, daughter of a woman she has rescued from a group of brutal marauders.

Out of this few remnants of humanity, earth will find the new seeds to regenerate itself. In a world unmasked of its false gods and failed beliefs, ReAnn carves a path that she hopes will be more worthy of the blessings of the planet and the powers that truly guide it

About the Author

Teresa Spencer lives in southeast Texas with her fianc in a quiet neighborhood. She is a very solitary person who does not mind her own company. Her children and grandchildren all live in Arizona, and she is exceedingly proud of all of them.

Teresa loves to read and play computer games. She loves cats and animals in general. She loves winter and fall, and she has a very vivid imagination, sometimes obtaining ideas for a book from some of her dreams.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 404