The Book Of David

By David Novick
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About the Book

Capturing the Spirit of the Great American Short Story

From Boston to Aspen, Nantucket, Maui, and elsewhere around the globe, David Novick has led an unusual life. This book, his collection of true short stories, illustrates the incredible range of experiences Novick has had over the past seven decades. Memorable adventures, troubling loss, and the humor of everyday occurrences are behind many of his stories.

Some stories are moving, some are uplifting, but all make for an immensely enjoyable read.

About the Author

David Novick has been living in Sedona, Arizona for the past twenty-five years, and he has a landscape maintenance service there. In his community, he promotes solar energy and is helping bring solar energy to the Indian Tribes. Novick also sometimes attends local Jewish community events. Although he is still single, he is going to fool them all one day and get married.

Nearly seventy years old, Novick can still run up the hills in uptown Sedona, and he enjoys hiking Wilson Mountain. On hot summer afternoons, he can sometimes be found taking a cool dip in the creek.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 240