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By Elson Felix Martina
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THE BOOK: There is Only One Church

The Book, by Elson Felix Martina, is an impassioned and well-reasoned plea for the proposition that There is Only One Church. Backed by an impressive and thorough array of evidencefrom the Scriptures, from Church documents like encyclicals and other papal communications, and from Church historythe author establishes that God is issuing His last warning: the deluge is coming and there is only one true ark for women and men to enter: the Universal, that is to say, Catholic, Church. Mr. Martina considers that he has been given the assignment, in these final days, to summon up this Apostolic Warningto blow the trumpet worldwide and announce Gods last call!

About the Author:

Elson Felix Martina, from the Caribbean island nation of Curacao, was born into the Catholic Church. But as a young man, he drifted from the faith of his birth into Pentecostalism. Returned now to his original Catholicism, Mr. Martina is an acolyte, an extraordinary minister, a catechist, and an evangelist for his Church. He shares his work and belief with his wife of over 40 years, Rose, and with his son, also named Elson.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 82