The Bongo Bongo Bobo Bird Book

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Written and Illustrated

The Bongo Bongo Bobo Bird Book is the story of a strange and colorful bird that lives on a small undiscovered island. It tells how this bird was given the name Bobo bird and how he is able to come up with a solution to a huge problem that he has protecting his precious eggs from the ever-hungry yellow-bellied emerald snake that also lives on the island.

The Bongo Bongo Bobo Bird Book is a fun tale that shows how nature helps its creatures survive by giving them the ability to adapt and change. Young children will enjoy not only the engaging story, but also the brilliantly colorful illustrations.

About the Author

Mr. Almaguer is a retired chemical engineer who has twelve grandchildren and lives outside of Houston, Texas. He decided to write children's stories to memorialize his love for his grandchildren, who share his love of books.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 32