The Bone: Of Elisha

By Richard Thomas Hundley and Tara Raczenski
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The time is 715 BC. A shiftless Moabite raider: a beautiful Judean prostitute, estranged from her home and her faith; and a fearless Assyrian warrior, obsessed with death; all three are connected and transformed by the resurrecting power of an ancient artifact with a power that transcends understanding. Fast forward to 2025: a despondent father estranged from his life, a wayward mother longing for home, their precocious son and the supernatural discovery he makes in his attic which may have the power to heal them all. Out of a single line of Old-Testament scripture comes an epic story of human conflict, angelic intervention, and a golden thread of hope and healing for the world.

About the Author

Tara Raczenski is a life-long theater enthusiast. Besides enjoying a variety of on- and off-stage roles, she has written several plays produced regionally including Sleepy Hollow and Treasure Island, for which she won the Forsyth County New Play Initiative award. Writing original fiction was a “novel'”step, but one Raczenski has thoroughly enjoyed. The drama and passion of the Bible stories really came alive for her as a child with the help of her parents, Richard and Sharon, and the illustrations of the Picture Bible. Those images are with her to this day. She resides in North Carolina with her husband, three children, and three cats. Romans 11:36

Richard Hundley has been a Montessori teacher, an inventor, a preschool furniture designer and manufacturer (see, and a later-in-life author. Available through is What New Jerusalem Really Looks Like (see artwork author is holding). Find Richard’s newsletters at by searching or Things that Accompany Salvation. What a joy it has been to co-author The Bone of Elisha with daughter Tara. If any dramatic life is evident in the characters of this book, it is thanks to her.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 194