The Blood Chalice: Book 2 Of The Vampyre Artifacts Series

By JoHanna Moody
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After an ancient artifact is uncovered, the Blood Chalice falls into the hands Bridget O’Dell, a smart-mouthed, strong-willed woman. The Night Breed, also known as vampyres, must protect the Blood Chalice at all costs, considering it could mean their destruction. During this battle of protection, Bridget is challenged in the Night Breed’s patriarchal society, causing many issues both humans and vampyres must learn to overcome.

Can the refined Night Breed, Loren, not only protect the chalice and the woman, but also win her heart?

About the Author

JoHanna Moody is a fan of history. She uses her Social Studies degree and knowledge of sociology, history, and religions as an inspiration for her writing. Keeping the main base of religious stories, she adds a twist in her own words.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 224