The Black Widow Revolution: And The Devolution Of The Patriarchal Order

By James B. Dreme
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About the Author

This book predicts a future when the population of the world is near one hundred billion and on the verge of a super science. All life will be at risk if testosterone-driven males are still in charge of the monetary and power resources of the world. In this future world, the world government has passed strict laws that require castration of any male found guilty of any sexual assault or of using violence to commit any crime. Regarding reproduction, only one replacement child per adult is allowed. A replacement child is not mandated, but if one is cloned or otherwise brought into existence, the parent is required to raise and support that child until it reaches the legal age of thirty. Many men are refusing to make a replacement commitment in order to have the freedom to live their lives as they see fit, and scientists are predicting the extinction of the human male (now called a drone) within the next three hundred years. 

About the Author

James B. Dreme is the oldest of seven children. He dropped out of high school during his junior year in order to join the service as the Viet Nam War was first heating up in the spring of 1965. After four years in the Navy, he met the expectations of the church he was a fifth-generation member of and fulfilled a successful two-year mission. After his mission, he got engaged and started school at A.S.U. After that, he graduated from Arizona State University and taught school for a little under a decade. Dreme then got divorced and re-enlisted for two more years in the Navy. He became an aircraft structural mechanic second class petty officer and switched to teaching individual students in their homes until he retired.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 550