The Birthday Present

By Roy Stanley
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About the Book

Can you imagine if you didnt know the names of any of your neighbors? They would all be strangers, and life would be pretty lonely, since weve all been taught not to talk to strangers. This was the case for Owl, who lived in a faraway village where he and the other strange animals did not have names. So, one day, Owl decided to give himself a birthday, and for a birthday present, he gave himself a name. That way, he would be able to introduce himself to his neighbors, and they wouldnt be strangers anymore. The whole town gathered for Owls birthday party, and soon they were all named by Owl, each according to his or her looks and talents. Then, they were able to exchange kind words with one another as they performed their everyday chores. They got to known each other and became friends.

One day, Snake found a stranger with no name, who was lost at Pond Park. He looked a little like Duck, but he had four legs, like Cow and Horse. Will Owl and his friends find a name for the stranger? Or will he remain lonely without any friends of his own? Read The Birthday Present by Roy Stanley to find out.

About the Author

Author Roy Stanley and his wife Doris have lived in East Bowral, Australia for seven years. They have three children: Edward Jon, Rochelle, and Lee. Now retired, Roys hobbies include golf, gardening, writing, art, and dining out. The Birthday Present was inspired by the stories of Hans Christian Anderson, the Grim Brothers, Walt Disney, and the creators of Fractured Fairytales. Roy hopes to share fantasies from his own imagination with children and any adults who still harbor the child within.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 38