The Birth Promise

By Buddy D. Taylor
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A story of family immigration from Scotland to America in 1811 – 1812.

A group of young surveyors are summoned to work in Kentucky. Albert leaves his true love, Anne, in Scotland with hopes of finding land for them in Kentucky. “The Birth Promise” is filled with love, humor, adventure, and the promise of America good and bac. The Scotsmen find a system of slavery in place, but also a trail guide, Buck McNally who fights for freedom, helping run-aways reach the north country. At the same time, Anne is waiting in Inverness Scotland, confronting the mean Tobias Wilcox. A feud begins.

About the Author

Family heritage means a lot to Buddy D. Taylor. After serving in the Navy and returning to New Zealand, he began to write his book. He met Frank in Christchurch, who also had family ties in Scotland. Frank’s great grandfather jumped ship in Christchurch. Buddy and Frank’s Dad’s both fought in both World Wars. Frank reminded Buddy of his father in so many ways. Buddy still believes they are related! A close friendship developed, which is how Buddy wrote “The Birth Promise.” It is an attempt in some way to explain the mystery we find behind out travels. Buddy is still involved in the Navy Fleet Reserve in Owensboro. His wife Christine if from Owensboro, Buddy is from The Green River Knob.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 144