The Birth Of Empress Rose: I Want To Live Again Workbook

By Erica Ruffin Marshall
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The Birth of Empress Rose: I Want to Live Again

The Birth of Empress Rose: I Want to Live Again is your guide to changing your mindset for the better. Discover the tools needed to train your thoughts for the better and become inspired to move forward and create a new reality for yourself by exploring your passions and embracing self-love!

After the death of her husband, Erica Ruffin Marshall found herself in a state of depression, which was compounded by fear, caring for elderly parents, a high-pressure job and impending retirement, and many other stressors we all face throughout our lives. But through the grace of God, Ruffin Marshall was able to change her mindset and transition from despair to a life of positive thinking, health, joy, success, prosperity, and self-love. Now she’s sharing her process with you.

About the Author

Erica Ruffin Marshall is a businesswoman, author, and the second Black American police sergeant in the history of the Miami Beach Police Department in Florida. A daughter of God and proud mother, she worked as a police officer for 18 years with before retiring. 

Ruffin Marshall loves to travel to different countries and explore new experiences. She is also very active in community services and homeless outreach, and strives to Erica give, teach, uplift, and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to reach their goals. When she is home, she enjoys gardening.

Published: 2005
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