The Billy, Ralph, And Mike Sports Stories

By Tom Craig
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About the Book

Mike, the statistician. Whether professional contests or esoteric trivia, he knows all the numbers related to sports both past and present. Ralph, the hotheaded big-picture guy. He enjoys personalizing sports and their athletes and often needles Mike about his logical approach, but he often stubbornly adheres to his personal feelings about an athlete. Billy, the philosopher and peacemaker. When things get sticky, it is Billy who pours oil on the waters and guides the weekly discussions to a new level. He is also the one to see the metaphor for life in sports and often leaves the other two with deep thoughts to chew on for the week. Every Saturday after their workout at the local Y, they gather in comfort of the steam room, inviting you to step in and participate in The Billy, Ralph, and Mike Sports Stories.

About the Author

Tom Craig is a practicing psychotherapist, with a lifelong interest in both sports and human dynamics. In these stories, he attempts to commingle these two themes. He and his wife, Ilana, share four children: Ellen, Shannon, Steve, and Dan. In addition to all types of sports, in his spare time he enjoys reading, skiing, and sailing.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 108