The Big Event

By G.M. Haney
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The Big Event: Did Christianity Create the Bible or Did the Bible Create Christianity?

Simply, this book is about the Bible. It asks the question: Did Christianity create the Bible OR Did the Bible create Christianity?

Author G.M. Haney has always sought logical, reasonable answers. He wrote this book for readers like him who are looking for an objective view of what the Bible is trying to tell us. This work attempts to explain the origins of the New Testament writings and the importance of the most significant event in mankind's history, the “Big Event”: Christ's resurrection.

Haney hopes this work will increase readers’ awareness of the importance of spending time thinking about their relationship to God, as it is an issue that cannot be ignored.

About the Author

Jim has been the Chairman of the Board of the Fredericksburg Bible Institute for approximately ten years. He is married to Earline, who has been Founder and Director of the Fredericksburg Parkinson Support Group since Jim's diagnosis. Jim has two children, Beverly and Matthew, as well as a granddaughter, Amanda, and two great-grandchildren.

With his father, Jim was co-owner of Haney Vending Company for more than forty years. Haney was also elected and served as the City Treasurer of Fredericksburg, Virginia from 1970 to 2014. With his service of forty-four years, Haney is the longest serving treasurer in Virginia history.

Voted Citizen of the Year, Jim has served his community as a founding member of the Hope House board, the local Goodwill board, and the local Historyland Barbershop Quartet. He was also Chairman of Fredericksburg United Way for two years and Chairman of Salvation Army for eight years. Haney was a member of the local food bank, the Kiwanis club, and the Chamber of Commerce. He also directed the St. Mathias Methodist Church Choir for twenty-plus years and the Fredericksburg Baptist Church Men's Chorus for five years.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 272