The Bible: The Pali Canon Of The Buddha: A Short Commentary On A Comparative Study Of The Bible And The Pali Canon Of The Buddha

By Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel D. Rupwate
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About the Book

Based on the original scripture of Christianity and Buddhism, Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel D. Rupwate analyzes the Bible and the original teachings of the Buddha in his own word in the Pali Canon of the Buddha or in Tripitika. Aiming to persuade researchers and religion students to use original scripture rather than secondary sources, Rupwate shows how this approach reveals a true teaching of religion. With this comparative study, readers will know the true teachings of each religion which will, inevitably, enable them to choose the spiritual path of their salvation for truth.

About the Author

Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel D. Rupwate served as a minister of the Methodist Church for thirty-four years. Rupwate wanted Christians to know the doctrines and practices of their faith, solely based on the Bible. He preached more than 325 textual sermons to propagate the word of God. He also published fifteen books in India to educate theological students and preachers in the concerns of the biblical doctrines and the practices. Rupwate is interested in dialogues with universal religions, and he wrote this book to enter into dialogue between Christians and Buddhists.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 390